Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fat, Female, Forty, Fertile

We had a lecture about gallbladder surgery this morning. The phrase "Fat, Female, Forty, Fertile" describes the patient most commonly affected by gallstones. The prof simply explained this without moralizing, and even mentioned that rapid weight loss is a substantial risk factor for gallstones. You can discuss fat as a risk factor for specific diseases in an inoffensive way.


Anonymous said...

I you can come up with a better mnemonic for obese, female, in the 5th life decade and capable getting children we will use it. Until then it's: Fat, Female, Forty, Fertile. Period

chartreuse said...

Did you even read my post? I don't have a problem with the mnemonic. I was, on the contrary, saying how much I appreciated the prof plainly describing that fat is a risk factor without saying anything offensive.

Kent Truong said...
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Anonymous said...

The mnemonic would be even better if it had a component that reminded you what the risk factors are connected to. E.g. Fat female fertile forty "fuck, my abdomen hurts" said...

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